Who We Are?

Who We Are

We conduct clinical trials in: Texas.

 Prevention & Strengthening Solutions, Inc. is a Site, providing full range clinical services to the pharmaceutical industries.

We know that the success of every patient recruitment and retention program starts with a custom, data-driven, patient-centric strategy.  That’s because every protocol presents unique challenges for reliable patient recruitment and retention. Without a preemptive strategy, valuable time and millions of dollars are often lost to insufficient enrollment and retention.

We are committed to providing strategic patient recruitment and retention programs that meet and exceed objectives by leveraging our core practices. Attention to the following practices is required for any size program across all indications to ensure success.

We offer Biblical counseling, Child counseling, Marriage counseling, Grief counseling, Christian counseling, Family counseling, Relationship counseling, Mental Health counseling, Group counseling, Substance Abuse counseling, Teen counseling, and Divorce counseling.